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Courtesy: Sparrow Arc Farm

Organic Glory chronicles my quest to live a spiritual, sustainable life in the city of Boston. With food as my lens, I explore the many ways that recipes, restaurants and trends bring us together and help us care for one another. 

In my professional life, I work as a communications & web professional at a public agency in Downtown Boston, advancing issues of equity, sustainability and smart growth for the entire Greater Boston region. I believe food is a central factor in these issues, particularly the importance of supporting local growers, ensuring access to fresh food options for all, and practicing sustainable ways of preparing, preserving and sharing food. In my personal life, I simply love to cook and see it as one of the most important ways to bring family together, to express creativity, to nurture, to gather with friends, and to explore my community and learn about other traditions.

On a broader scale, I do my best to practice environmentally conscious, low-impact living, as well as responsible stewardship of the planet and creation. I am always striving to support local businesses first and in particular regional farms. I am a vegetarian who also tests out meat-based recipes for my omnivorous family, and I’m a very active person who truly believes fitness and healthful plant-based eating are totally compatible! I’ll try any new food fad once, but you can count on me to be a skeptic, too.   

Real food, nurturing community & family, growing in knowledge & faith, and healthful living: these are my passions, and I look forward to sharing ideas, news, recipes and encouragement with you!

You can friend me on Facebook here, and follow me on Twitter here. Oh, and here’s my LinkedIn profile, where you can find out more information about my 9-to-5 gig. I’m always interested in connecting with fellow cooks, cyclists, writers and techies!