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“Dessert fads come and go, but there will always be pie.”

…So says a great Boston Globe article, “Welcome to Pie Season,” which talks about the enduring, irresistable appeal of a good old-fashioned pie! As reporter Lisa Zwirn says, “pies are all the rage (again), and there’s no better time than summer to be inspired. Blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and other stone fruits are ripe and plump, ready… Continue reading “Dessert fads come and go, but there will always be pie.”

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Last-minute potluck salad

When my husband told me at midnight Sunday that we had a potluck going-away party to attend for one of his colleagues Monday evening, I panicked. We’d been on the go all weekend, I’d done no grocery shopping whatsoever, and wasn’t going to be able to buy anything between going to work Monday morning and… Continue reading Last-minute potluck salad


Study: Restaurant calorie counts often innacurate

Posted calorie counts in chain restaurants are often inaccurate, and weight-conscious consumers who select soups and salads are especially likely to be served heftier dishes than advertised, according to a new study reported in the Boston Globe. Their analysis of a wide assortment of items from 42 national fast food and sit-down restaurant chains found… Continue reading Study: Restaurant calorie counts often innacurate

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WASTE NOT: How to use up all that produce

If you’re like me, you probably stress a lot about cooking all the food you buy on the weekend before it goes bad over the course of the work week. From menu planning to figuring out where to store produce so it stays fresh in a small apartment, there’s some major organizing involved. Add a… Continue reading WASTE NOT: How to use up all that produce

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Transporting CSA on the subway

All summer before my CSA started, I struggled with this question: How do I get all this stuff HOME on the T? The first week, I brought a backpack and some reusable shopping bags, but it was pretty unwieldy and some of my greens fell flat after being smushed. The solution? Look to the internet,… Continue reading Transporting CSA on the subway


Answer for Invasive Species: Put It on a Plate and Eat It?

With its dark red and black stripes, spotted fins and long venomous black spikes, the lionfish seems better suited for horror films than consumption. But lionfish fritters and filets may be on American tables soon. An invasive species, the lionfish is devastating reef fish populations along the Florida coast and into the Caribbean. Now, an… Continue reading Answer for Invasive Species: Put It on a Plate and Eat It?

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My CSA kale, sadly, was starting to turn already — it’s been very humid in Boston this week — so I scrapped my plans for a kale and white bean pasta dish and turned to a quicker solution for using up my kale: KALE CHIPS. What are Kale Chips? Think of them as a healthful… Continue reading TODAY’S CSA RECIPE: KALE CHIPS