CSA 2011

My farm share starts THIS WEEK

One of the things I’m most excited to blog about this year is my new CSA!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a great way to support local farms while getting fresh, seasonal food to feed your family.


What is a CSA?

LocalHarvest.org has a great definition. 

In a CSA, farmers offer a certain number of “shares” in their crop to the public before the season starts. Share holders receive weekly deliveries of produce throughout the farming season.

Benefits to the farmer

  • Food gets marketed early in the season, before longer farming days kick in
  • Payment up front helps farmers manage cash flow throughout the growing season
  • Farmers get to put a face to their consumers

Benefits to the share holder

  • Buyers and their families eat fresh, local food all season
  • Consumers can discover new foods and cooking styles
  • Share holders develop relationships with farmers and their families

Plus, the produce changes each week, so early in the season you might see lots of hearty greens — kale, chard, mesclun — and then find a bounty of squash, turnips and pumpkins by Fall. It’s exciting to try new foods, to support smaller local farms, and to taste the difference between mass-produced vegetables versus native, hand-tended varieties!


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