CSA 2011 · Recipes


On their way into the oven!

My CSA kale, sadly, was starting to turn already — it’s been very humid in Boston this week — so I scrapped my plans for a kale and white bean pasta dish and turned to a quicker solution for using up my kale: KALE CHIPS.

What are Kale Chips? Think of them as a healthful alternative to potato chips.

So quick and easy to make, you just rip your Kale into bite-sized pieces (discard the stems) and toss with EVOO (or olive oil spray), salt and pepper, and roast in the oven at 400F for about 15 minutes. Make sure they don’t burn; if they’re already browning, take them out and let them finish cooking on the stovetop. I added one of my favorite spice mixes — Trader Joe’s 12-Seasoning Salute — for a fun kick without too much heat. I’m sure if you like it hot, you could add any number of other spices (red pepper flakes, chili, cumin, curry, garam masala, you name it). You can also sprinkle with sea salt after they’re done cooking, or some nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor.

Unfortunately, my “chips” lost their crunch in the humidity because I didn’t store them properly. So if you have some muggy days ahead, be sure to stash these in a paper bag so they maintain their crispness. Really, though, these are best when eaten right out of the oven.

Dig in!


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