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“Dessert fads come and go, but there will always be pie.”

…So says a great Boston Globe article, “Welcome to Pie Season,” which talks about the enduring, irresistable appeal of a good old-fashioned pie!

As reporter Lisa Zwirn says, “pies are all the rage (again), and there’s no better time than summer to be inspired. Blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and other stone fruits are ripe and plump, ready to be tucked inside rich, buttery crusts.”

“If you grew up watching a skilled baker turn flour and butter into a tender dough and weave beautiful lattice tops, then you’re probably a good pie maker. Less experienced cooks approach pie making with trepidation, scared off by warnings: Don’t overwork the dough; don’t add too much liquid; don’t add too much flour when rolling; keep the pastry cold; let it rest; and more. While this is useful advice, pie making is not as finicky as it sounds.”

Click here to read more about mastering pie technique!

And this weekend, check out The Boston Pie Experiment @ the Middle East Downstairs. This amateur cook-off features some of Boston’s finest home chefs dishing up savory meat pies, quiches, traditional sweet pies and everything in between. Don’t miss it!


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