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New restaurants opening this Fall in Boston!

Once again the Globe has a great food-related feature on a Friday: a list of some of the highly-anticipated new restaurants opening around town this Fall! Here are a few I’m excited about:

Sweet Cheeks (mid-October). Chef Tiffani Faison (Rocca, “Top Chef,” pictured above, photo courtesy of the Boston Globe) opens a barbecue place in the Fenway. In preparation, she traveled through Texas, researching the ‘cue there. On Twitter, she promises “smoked meats, sweet tea, whiskey, suds & southern kindness north of the mason dixon.” Sounds like a perfect fit for the Fenway. 1381 Boylston St., Boston.

All Star Pizza Bar will open across the street from its sister sandwich shop. Too bad I don't live in Inman Square anymore! (Not that I could handle the parking situation over there at my age). Photo:

All Star Pizza Bar (November). The folks behind All Star Sandwich Bar take on brick-oven pies in this space across the street. (ASPBar doesn’t have quite the same ring as the sister establishment’s acronym.) You’ll find pizzas adorned with fig jam, gorgonzola, and Granny Smiths; chile relleno ingredients with a mojito drizzle; potato skin toppings such as bacon, caramelized onions, and cheddar; and Buffalo duck confit with blue cheese. There will also be salads, sangria, and beer. 1238 Cambridge St., Cambridge.

Baked Goods from the original South End Buttery. (Courtesy

South End Buttery (November). Take 2. The South End cafe gets another outpost, right on the path to Back Bay station. Rejoice, caffeine-addicted commuters. Along with the beverages, there will be baked goods and sandwiches. 37 Clarendon St., Boston.

Click here for the full list!


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