HOW-TO: Cut grape tomatoes (genius)

I wish I had this technique tip from Saveur last week.

Photo: André Baranowski/Saveur

Slicing tiny grape or cherry tomatoes can be time-consuming. So, instead of halving them individually, use the following restaurant trick to slice a dozen in the time it would normally take to slice one.

  • Arrange grape tomatoes on their sides so that they’re arrayed snugly in the top of the shallow plastic lid of a takeout container.
  • Place another, identical lid, upside down, over the tomatoes; hold the top lid down firmly. Using smooth, strong horizontal motions, pass the knife between the lids, slicing through the tomatoes as you go.
  • Remove the top lid and, voilà, your work is done.

Check out this tip and more at Saveur.com!

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