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Vegetarian Dishes for Entertaining

The New York Times just published an awesome feature listing veg-friendly dishes suitable for entertaining, just in time for the holidays. A few of my favorites:

Onion pizza with ricotta and chard

Courtesy New York Times (

Mushroom lasagna

Courtesy New York Times. (

Stuffed yellow peppers with couscous and pesto

Courtesy New York Times (

Fig tart with caramelized onions and rosemary

Courtesy New York Times. (

Baked limas with spinach and feta

Courtesy New York Times. (

Pumpkin and leek pie

Courtesy New York Times. (

Roasted beets with ginger, yogurt and Indian spices

Courtesy New York Times. (

So……..Which ones tickle your fancy?

2 thoughts on “Vegetarian Dishes for Entertaining

  1. I wish there was a “love” button instead of a “like” … because I would have clicked that! I can’t believe that these are ALL vegetarian dishes! they look so flavorful! thanks for sharing… i think i’m going to make the fig tart this weekend!


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