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The end of my CSA

Now that it’s mid-fall, my next few posts are going to round out the last of my CSA -based recipes. I’ve made so many exciting dishes since the farm share started in July, and I’m still working through the last of the carrots, parsnips, pumpkins & potatoes I got in the last couple weeks of my CSA. I’m really going to miss it! (But probably not lugging it home on the T every Friday night, especially now that I’m moving farther down the Orange Line).

My CSA ended along with October, which made me so sad. Having a “surprise” in the share box each week really forced me to get creative about recipe planning, and it turned me into a more innovative cook (if I do say so myself).

I’d recommend a CSA to anyone for the simple fact that it gets you closer to your food, to the growers, and to local produce. It also lasts longer than grocery produce, especially if it’s farmed organically, and it can be not only a financial savings long-term but a more SUSTAINABLE way of eating when compared to products that travel hundreds of miles to reach your local supermarket. On top of all this,  you’re  guaranteed to pick up a few new recipes (garlic scapes, anyone?) and techniques that’ll last you all year long.

I am planning on compiling all my CSA recipes into one document available for download, so check back soon to find that! And in the meantime, visit this page to see all my CSA recipes from 2011 in one place.

In the meantime, are you interested in signing up for a CSA for next year? It would make a wonderful Christmas present, and purchasing one now would go a long way toward helping small farmers budget their finances for the coming year just as the winter hits New England.

Here are some resources to find one near you:

And finally, my earlier post about the benefits of joining a CSA.

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