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Caramelized Cauliflower (With BONUS creamy soup!)

Have you ever seen cauliflower that looks like this??

I was baffled when I first saw them, but a sniff/taste test confirmed that they ARE in fact cauliflower as my CSA promised, so I treated them as such — chopping, coating & roasting them at high heat to caramelize ’em up good!

All I did was toss the pieces in olive oil and kosher salt, and roasted them at high heat, 400 F, for about 25 to 35 minutes, stirring them occasionally. Cooking them this way enhances their flavor and makes them nice and tender. You won’t have any of that gross smell you may remember from boiling cauliflower.

When they come out of the oven, cool and taste for seasoning. If they need a little more salt or even pepper, go ahead and add it to your taste!

These were delicious, but I only used some of them as a side dish with pasta one night. So, a few days later, I decided to throw the rest of them into a can of Campbell’s potato soup, heated over low with two cups of almond milk and some oven-roasted parsnips thrown in. I added a bay leaf for flavor, and then I felt like I could use up a few of my CSA red potatoes too, so I cut those up small and threw them in to simmer. It came out REALLY well and used up a ton of my leftovers — and I got three extra meals out of it!

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