Italian Egg Scramble

I almost didn’t even post about this, because it’s such a fallback meal — eggs? With a bagel? For dinner? Well, sometimes that’s just what hits the spot, and this particular scramble came out very tasty for having been created out of what I had on hand. Right now, I’m working with the randomness of… Continue reading Italian Egg Scramble

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Garden Tomato Porn

This is all. Just…exist among their beauty. Oh, you wanted a recipe? I suppose I can accommodate. Quick Spicy Tomato Sauce Courtesy of Wishful Chef This one is so great because it’s fast, simple, and can make use of either fresh or canned tomatoes, making it very verstile for summer or winter. Plus, the sauce… Continue reading Garden Tomato Porn


Zucchini Parmesan

I don’t know how I’ve made it this far into the summer without posting about zucchini. They are so plentiful that it’s almost scary! You go to bed, no zucchini. You wake up, and a FOOT LONG zucchini lurks beneath the branches. Terrifying! Anyway, this recipe is adapted from something my mom has made, which… Continue reading Zucchini Parmesan

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How to make a Pimm’s Cup

Mark and I went to a wedding last weekend which featured a fabulous signature cocktail — the Pimm’s Cup, which is best known as the official drink of Wimbledon, and which was significant as the preferred cocktail of the bride’s father. So refreshing and sweet for a summer wedding, we kept wondering how we’d never… Continue reading How to make a Pimm’s Cup

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Healthy Snack Ideas

I am getting ready to go on vacation, so today I am re-blogging a great post about healthy snack ideas by Kimberly Snyder.  I hope you are also fitting in some time to relax and get away this summer! 7 Healthy Snack Ideas These are perfect for adults and kids of all ages. My favorites… Continue reading Healthy Snack Ideas


Coconut-Curry Lentil Soup

As soon as I saw this recipe from Delight Gluten-Free Magazine, I knew I had to try it! (I changed it up a little to suit what I had in my pantry). I added a little more potato to compensate for the fact that I only had 1 cup of lentils on hand, and then… Continue reading Coconut-Curry Lentil Soup

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Tools for Urban Gardening

Check out these cute tips for urban & apartment gardening from Houzz: As we are learning, there’s a lot you can do with very little space. What are YOUR best tips and tricks for making the most of a city-scale garden?