Pear-Apple Sauce

I started out making a smoothie, and I accidentally made a super tasty “applesauce” that happens to have pears and pureed lettuce in it, too. The timing was prophetic: when we had alfredo noodles with beans the next night, this concoction saved me after I discovered (right before plating dinner, of course) that my new-ish can of applesauce had already gone bad. I realized how clutch this recipe could be in the summer when you don’t feel like boiling apples into sauce. I will definitely be making this again (on purpose!)

Pear-apple sauce


  • 1 or 2 very ripe apples (bruised are OK), sliced and cored
  • handful of iceberg lettuce, ripped into pieces
  • 1 can of sliced pears
  • coconut water to taste/thickness
  • juice of 1 small organic lemon for tartness if necessary


Adding liquid first, add all ingredients to blender (leaving the skin on the apples) and blend until chunky and not completely smooth. Taste for tartness and add more lemon juice or water/applesauce to achieve desired thickness and taste. Serve as a condiment with your favorite poultry, kielbasa or pork chops (or veg dish, of course!)

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