My other hobbies

Someone asked me recently what I do in my free time, when I have nothing at all to do except kill an afternoon by myself (rare, I know…can you tell I don’t have kids yet?) Well, obviously I love to cook, but I love to eat out just as much. So when I have a vacation or a date night with the husband, I like to try new restaurants. And, on a road trip or vacation, I love to knit and read a good book — narrative non-fiction is my favorite (think Dark Tide, In Cold Blood, Isaac’s Storm, Devil in the White City, etc.) But if I’m home, procrastinating cleaning the house, and truly looking to vegetate?

A favorite on Tumblr: The Glamour fashion editors.

{Assuming there’s no trashy reality TV on} … I read fashion mags & style blogs.


La Vie Petite

Kendi Everyday

C. Style

Bill Cunningham On the Street

On The Racks

A Cup of Jo

see jane.

Extra Petite

Into the Gloss

Panzanella from A Cup of Jo’s “The best…you’ll ever have” recipe series. Because any self-respecting fashionista loves to find a good new recipe, right?

How about you — what do you do to relax? I wonder if you’re like me: you have “day alone” hobbies and time-wasters, and “with the spouse” activities. When Mark’s around, we might go for a walk or hike, garden, or catch up on the TV shows we can’t watch together because he works nights (Mad Men, anyone?). But when I’m hangin’ solo it’s me + Tasha + iced coffee & Vogue on the porch! If you have any favorite fashion blogs, leave them in the comments!

And if you like fashion too, let’s connect on Pinterest ~ here’s my style page.

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