Happy Thanksgiving!

If I had to pick one signature dish that I make every year and that I know my family loves, it would be my cranberry sauce from scratch. I created this version with inspiration from a Rachael Ray Magazine recipe that I found right after college, and it’s such a hit that I haven’t looked back. Sugar, cranberries, ginger, cinnamon sticks and orange zest: perfection.

There’s a lot on our Thanksgiving menu this year: turkey, stuffing and gravy (although not for me), plus mashed sweet potatoes,  broccoli casserole, corn bread, roasted brussels sprouts, and of course pumpkin and apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  I’ve been eating light all week in anticipation! Mark and I combine festivities with both sides of the family these past couple years, but I always miss the relatives I can’t see, like the Florida peeps, and especially my dad. Plus, without the Italian side on hand, I don’t get any lasagna, which is tragic 😦

(Fear not, though: I always make stuffed shells the week of Thanksgiving to have in the fridge when I’m sick of cooking and hankering for something  reheat-able and satisfying).

How about you — what are YOUR family traditions and favorite recipes? 

I hope the holiday finds you safe, among family and friends, and relaxing away from work…at least for a little while.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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