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Rooftop farming in the city

Have you heard about this? A group of would-be farmers has leased the rooftop at the Boston Design Center for what will be 40,000 square feet of urban growing space, creating Boston’s first rooftop farm.

Located along the new South Boston Waterfront district, Higher Ground Farm eventually wants to offer a CSA, supply restaurants, and even host a farmer’s market. They hope to grow 100,000 pounds of produce in the 2013 season.

Why a rooftop farm? It’s keeps food growers close to their consumers, and can mitigate the effects of climate change by helping to reduce the urban heat island effect in major metropolitan areas. Green roofs reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat, and take up otherwise wasted space in many urban settings. They can also reduce storm water runoff, improve overall air quality, attract diverse insects and birds, and — of course — improve access to fresh, healthy produce for all, which may reduce food insecurity.

Sounds like they hope this will be the first of many such rooftop farms in Boston. I know these already exist in Brooklyn, Europe and Canada — is there one near you? Have you ever been to one?

And if you are Boston-local, there’s a benefit tonight for Higher Ground, with tickets still available. Register here! It sounds like a rad time.

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