Grow Your Own Way

Early Spring Gardening

What’s more fitting for the first day of spring than to get an early start on this year’s garden? After being a little disorganized and haphazard in laying out our garden last year, we have decided to take a more proactive approach for 2013, starting with this handy seed starter kit available through Amazon or Home Depot:

So far, it’s working great! Here’s what you do (cat assistance optional):

Photo Mar 16, 5 04 21 PM

The kit comes with these soil pods in each compartment. They’re designed to expand when you add water. 

Photo Mar 16, 5 26 06 PM

See? They more than triple in size.

Photo Mar 16, 5 26 56 PM

Even them out a little by hand.

Photo Mar 16, 5 35 24 PM

Add your seeds (we did about four per pod). The kit comes with a chart so you can write down which seeds you put in which compartment. Photo Mar 16, 5 51 16 PM

Photo Mar 16, 5 52 43 PM

Water again, then place the lid on the entire kit and in about a week you should see some sprouting!

Photo Mar 16, 5 59 55 PM

Photo Mar 21, 9 00 12 AM
Give it a warm location outside direct sunlight, and await germination.

We are also working on some strawberries! They were chillin’ on the porch, but we had a couple freezing nights and had to bring them indoors to the kitchen window:

Photo Mar 16, 5 13 52 PM Photo Mar 16, 5 14 13 PM

The garden is Mark’s baby, and I feel very loved by the way he plans it out, cultivates it, and provides us with fresh produce all summer and fall. I really don’t have to do a thing except enjoy the bounty, and I’m not sure how I got so lucky! 🙂

Looking for more gardening resources? Check out, which is handy for all types of gardening advice, from planning your plot to making the most of what you reap through cooking, canning and preserving. Or, if you’re in the Boston area, visit Allandale Farm in Brookline for seeds, compost, mulch and more along with expert advice for starting your garden. TreeHugger also posted a cool article this week about high-tech indoor gardening tools.

PS — if you haven’t already, check out! It’s a great new site where you can filter blog content by your interests, and they’re starting with food & drink. Check it out here or follow the button on my homepage (to the right).

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