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The BEST Smoothie Tumbler

I have found it! The ultimate on-the-go smoothie container.

Being tested with an actual smoothie, in my office.

I’ve been searching for something for years that would do several key things: 1) Keep my smoothie cold; 2) Provide a straw for drinking; 3) Lock so it doesn’t spill when it’s in my purse; and 4) Be BPA- and PVC- free. Thanks to TJ Maxx, I’ve finally got it — and for just $7.99!


The straw is retractable, so you simply twist the lid and it locks the bottle with the flexible straw inside the lid. You can also take it apart easily to clean it, so there’s no junk left inside the cap or stuck in the middle of the straw.


Here it is locked! I tested it in my purse, and it is completely spill-free. Most importantly, this container is large enough (24 oz.) to hold a meal-sized smoothie, and the straw is wide enough to drink a thick liquid through. In the past, I’ve used stainless steel containers like this one from LL Bean, which is good for keeping things cold, but is inconvenient to drink with one hand, which rules out the subway or anywhere you just don’t have somewhere to put down a drippy lid (like a meeting, or the doctor’s office). And you have to either forgo a straw or remember to pack a disposable one, which is wasteful. And don’t get me started on how these wider-mouth mugs leave a spot of smoothie on your nose when you sip.


This one solves the disposable straw problem, and the lid issue. Everything else I looked at that had a straw had no way of closing it off from leaks. This popular option is cool, but isn’t very portable. Now I can take my smoothie everywhere! Can you tell I’m excited about this??

If you want to get one and can’t find it at TJ Maxx, they seem to be available on Amazon for $11 in three sizes and several different colors. I am very particular about drink containers (as with most things), so if you are, too, then I hope this fills a niche for you 🙂 And no, Oxo isn’t sponsoring this post, I really am this excited about a travel mug. Click the picture above to buy in whatever color you like best. And stay tuned, because I’ll have a new smoothie recipe coming later this week!

14 thoughts on “The BEST Smoothie Tumbler

  1. I too am searching for perfection. If only this were double walled/insulated, to prevent condensation, it would be the closest thing yet. I’d also prefer it be available in black/clear. The fun colors can make iced tea and iced coffee seem unappetizing somehow.


    1. I hear you — that’s why I have a “coffee” mug and then this for everything else. I special order my coffee container from Japan. I guess you can tell how picky I am about these things!


    1. It keeps it cold for long enough to commute/get to work/enjoy before lunch. if you want something that truly keeps it ice cold for nearly the entire day, check out zojirushi! Their stainless steel hot/cold thermoses are truly amazing. They just don’t have a straw top so it is a bit of a mouthful when drinking a smoothie. And the lid is hard to clean fruit chunks out of. Hope this helps!


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