Cherry Vanilla Upside-Down Cake

As most of you know, I’m not a big baker. I only do it when forced, and I tend to rely on the same old recipes over and over and over…and over. So I really love an easy crowd-pleasing recipe, like this Vanilla Bean Cake baked upside down with cherries in the bottom of the… Continue reading Cherry Vanilla Upside-Down Cake

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How to Make a Green Smoothie Delicious

I found this awesome blog post on Vegetarian Times the other day. Have you wanted to get on board with the green smoothie trend, but feel skeptical that anyone would really want to drink that? Or you’ve tried to make one, but weren’t really sure how to make it taste more sweet, and less…well…green? Consider… Continue reading How to Make a Green Smoothie Delicious

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Great prenatal workouts

I’ve mentioned this before: working out while pregnant is critical. But it isn’t always easy, between heartburn, nausea, a sore back and the increasing clumsiness that plagues us all as we get bigger. No matter how in shape you were before getting pregnant, you won’t be able to do everything once baby is on board.… Continue reading Great prenatal workouts

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Whole Foods starts rooftop farm

I’ve written about rooftop farming before, but this really struck me as interesting: a national food chain jumping on the trend. The new Whole Foods in Lynnfield, MA is trying to become the first major grocery chain to sell produce from a field atop the store. And, unlike previous urban rooftop farming initiatives, this one… Continue reading Whole Foods starts rooftop farm

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Five+ Foodie Things

It’s so gorgeous outside these days, and we are just coming off of a heat wave in New England, so I haven’t been cooking lately so much as I’ve been relishing the reopening of food trucks (like my fave, Clover), hitting the Scooper Bowl on Boston’s City Hall Plaza (to benefit the Jimmy Fund), and… Continue reading Five+ Foodie Things