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Five+ Foodie Things

It’s so gorgeous outside these days, and we are just coming off of a heat wave in New England, so I haven’t been cooking lately so much as I’ve been relishing the reopening of food trucks (like my fave, Clover), hitting the Scooper Bowl on Boston’s City Hall Plaza (to benefit the Jimmy Fund), and grabbing dinner around the city with friends so we can connect and rejuvenate before OrganicBaby arrives. Oh, and I guess we’ve been painting the nursery, too.

So far, I’ve had my favorite mocktail to date at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square, and discovered a tasty new flavor of frozen yogurt at the Scooper Bowl that I’ll be substituting for full-fat ice cream on hot days this summer.

So what else is on my radar these days?

Well, this week I was really happy to read that my hopes about sunscreen preventing not just cancer but wrinkles turn out to be grounded in truth. Just make sure you use something non-toxic — I like honest and have heard great things about Yes to Cucumbers as well. On work days when I’m not in the sun except to commute, I slather on this or this when I get out of the shower.

I just added this food book to my Amazon Wish List.

Is anyone else obsessed with Anthony Bourdain’s new show, Parts Unknown? Sunday’s episode had me ready to book a ticket to Lima, if only I could have ceviche or pisco these days.

I read an interesting piece in the Washington Post about mindfulness while eating — turns out it can be more important how you eat than what you eat.

Also: How do Democrats and Republicans differ in naming their babies?

And heads up Mamas! OneKingsLane is having a special on Petunia Pickle Bottom designer diaper bags right now. I am partial to the Sashay Satchel and the City Bag. Both, I’m told, are great for shorter mamas who don’t want to be overwhelmed by the size of their diaper bags (and, of course, who want to stay fashionable too).

I’m also totally loving this outdoor drink dispenser from West Elm Market:

How about you — what’s on YOUR foodie radar for the summer? (I guess there were more than 5 things on MY mind!)


3 thoughts on “Five+ Foodie Things

  1. Those are cute diaper bags! I realized with my first child that I was carrying around way too much stuff in my diaper bag. All of it seemed sensible, but in the end I didn’t end up most of it. Therefore, I suggest not buying too big of a bag so you can resist the temptation to drag yourself down with an entire nursery everywhere you go!


    1. I am really torn about the diaper bag issue and need advice! Mark found one that he loves, but I am having a harder time. Since I’m going back to work in 3 months, but will be pumping and transporting milk (and will always need to have diapers and wipes on hand regardless), I don’t know if it makes the most sense to get a really stylish diaper bag that I would be OK using as my work/commuting bag too, or if I need to give up trying to make one bag do everything and just admit that I can’t lug 50 pounds of stuff for work and baby in one place. Thoughts??


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