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Great prenatal workouts

I’ve mentioned this before: working out while pregnant is critical. But it isn’t always easy, between heartburn, nausea, a sore back and the increasing clumsiness that plagues us all as we get bigger. No matter how in shape you were before getting pregnant, you won’t be able to do everything once baby is on board. Eventually, it won’t be medically safe to lie on your back, or risk abdominal injury by kick-boxing or falling off a road bike. As important as it is to stay fit and strong, it’s even more important to listen to your body & respect your limitations. I exercised zero times during my first trimester because I was so ill, so I really wanted to make up for it once my morning sickness faded from non-stop to every couple days around week 18-19.

FitPregnancy online has some great resources.
FitPregnancy has tons of helpful exercise tips and routines on their website.

I tested the waters with Zumba until jumping around felt too uncomfortable, and have been walking very consistently (read more about why walking is the perfect pregnancy cardio). I was super lucky to have a family member who is a certified personal trainer devise a custom workout for me, which adapted squats, planks and lunges to accommodate a growing belly. I combined this routine with prenatal yoga, both in class and at home, and I followed the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project, a DVD set featuring different videos for each month of pregnancy to keep you safely toned and strengthened for labor.

YouTube and fitness blogs have been my other go-to resource for prenatal workouts. Blonde Ponytail has an awesome directory of prenatal fitness posts, as does FitSugarJust today, I found this great exercise video by Sparkling Footsteps with a simple prenatal interval workout. It really hits all my current trouble spots:

I totally agree with her assessment of Old Navy’s maternity workout wear. It’s affordable, made of great-quality fabric, and grows with your belly while providing a nice level of support for your growing chest. Below is my favorite top, which I’ve been wearing with regular cotton yoga pants or maternity leggings for all my workouts.


I highly recommend the full-panel active-wear bottoms by Destination Maternity (like these, which I got cropped), and I’ve also been loving these Victoria’s Secret yoga pants. The fold-over waist has grown with me from my first trimester through the third, and I expect I’ll just about wear these into the ground once baby girl arrives later this summer. What’s great is that you can throw them into the washer and dryer, and these days I’m all about low-maintenance clothing. As for maternity leggings, Old Navy makes my favorite pair — so comfortable and flattering.

Ahhhhh, triangle pose: the only thing that relieves my low back pain.

Want more ideas? I’ve pinned fitness tips, prenatal exercise videos & outfit inspiration to my fitness and maternity fashion boards on Pinterest. If you have ideas for staying fit while preggo, please share in the comments below or follow me on Pinterest so we can swap!

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  1. Before creating a prenatal workout, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that it is not necessarily beneficial to begin working out if you have not in the past. If you are in decent shape and did not work out before becoming pregnant, you should actually consider avoiding exercising. This is because you want your body to react as normally as possible to the pregnancy. If you are not used to working out and start it only after becoming pregnant, your body may not deal with the pregnancy properly since it has to react to new stimuli. Maintain the proper homeostasis in your body to ensure a healthy baby.


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