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Hot, Boring Monday

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having an OK Monday. I’m definitely dragging today, and bemoaning the fact that I’m pregnant during what has GOT to be the hottest Boston summer in decades. So I’ve turned to the blog to take my mind off. I should be using my down time to, I don’t know, pack a hospital bag or finish my shower thank-you notes, but instead I give you this:


…which my brother MADE for me as the best birthday gift ever. Note the typeface and colors. Does he know me (and this blog) or what? I’m in love with it. He’s crazy creative and makes jewelry, digital photographs, 3D knitted objects and clothing, and has the quirkiest artistic point of view. Can you tell I love him?

The Once And Future Snowman

 Just a couple examples of his seasonal designs.

Pumpkin Knittin'

On another note, what have you all been cooking in this heat? It’s so hard to find appetizing things to make when it’s 95 degrees out, but it’s killing my budget to eat takeout all the time. If you have good ideas, let me know!

I’ve been getting by on soup,  grilled cheese, frozen meals-in-a-bag from Trader Joe’s, and big pots of pasta like this and this. Pasta is heavy, but on the plus side, you cook once and have leftovers for days. Both also go great with whatever vegetables I grab from the garden to sauté on the side. I’m particularly enjoying this cheesy zucchini recipe, which has become a favorite in our house and (bonus) uses up a lot of zucchini at one time! I downsized from two zucchini plants to one this year, and it’s still scaring the life out of us (and nearly cannibalizing the neighboring onions). I think I’ll do a post soon with ideas for using up all the zucchini that’s bursting on the scene this time of year.

Meanwhile, stay cool!


One thought on “Hot, Boring Monday

  1. I like to cut up a banana and freeze it. You can eat the little rounds of frozen banana plain (they are nice to suck on), or blend them into pseudo-ice cream. And I really, really, really want the heat to break before we come East. You are even worse off than we are right now!


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