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Five Foodie Things

Here are 5 foodie things I’m loving this summer so far…even though it’s hot as Hades in the northeast and I’m mostly sitting in front of the AC, floating in a pool, or eating ice cream or slush.

First: these ice cream bowls from Martha Stewart.

martha ice cream bowls

Next: these new healthy snack holders from Cuppow, a company based in Somerville, MA, right near where we live.

This exciting (to me) new flavor of cream cheese, which I spotted at Target while nesting picking up a few things before the baby arrives.

jalapeno cream cheese

This book of Italian recipes for children, which adapts my #1 favorite cookbook from Italy for wee palates. My sister-in-law got me this for my shower a few weeks ago…how did she know? 

(Buy the adult version here…it’s beyond essential).

The new FEED USA collection at Target (including these baby bibs!) The entire collection, which debuted just last week, devotes a portion of each purchase to help provide meals to hungry children and families across America. Hunger in our country is unacceptable. I’m glad a major retailer is pitching in, in such a fashion-savvy way.

Last but not least, I give you a belly shot @ 34 weeks. Don’t know what I’d do without my maxi dresses this summer. They are on trend, slimming, and (this is critical) they hide your cankles. (As long as I can’t see ’em, they aren’t there).



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