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The most addictive snack ever

Granted I’m pregnant, but I can’t stop munching on this snack that a co-worker got me hooked on: pretzel chips + cookie butter from Trader Joe’s.


Not familiar? Well, not only does cookie butter have its own Facebook page (see link above), the product has such a cult following that a month-long shortage of the stuff caused a national outcry earlier this year. Essentially, it’s the consistency of peanut butter with the taste of puréed cookies. (!)


I pair it with my other latest obsession, which is mint lemonade from a cafe near my office. I was expecting a few floating mint leaves the first time I ordered it, but instead they pulverize the mint in an industrial blender before adding to the lemonade, creating a smooth flavor that’s very refreshing. And, it has the added bonus of looking healthier than lemonade, which helps me to feel like less of a blimp walking around 9 months pregnant with a sugary beverage 🙂

What about you — what’s your go-to snack? Did you combine any weird things when you were pregnant (or not?)

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