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No baby yet

This week, I finally stopped working and just started waiting for the baby. I’m due on Monday, so it could literally be any second now. I am anxious at not knowing when, bored, uncomfortable, and of course incredibly excited. I’ve also learned a few things: there is nothing but crap on TV all day, there are a lot more people in my neighborhood than I’d met up until now, and it is possible to get up 8 or more times during the night to go to the bathroom. Also, cats do nothing all day but sit on the couch.

Nice attitude.

I’ve been doing my best to relax and take it easy. I haven’t cooked anything more strenuous than a smoothie, in particular my favorite tropical smoothie, and some very nice friends and family have already dropped off food for us to freeze or eat this week. I’m telling you, easy-to-reheat food is the best gift for new parents! Mark shot a new commercial for Tervis a few days ago, and he came home with some awesome products. I especially love their new hot/cold mugs:

We have a couple of their tall tumblers with travel lids, and they’re great too. I used my Bruins Tervis all winter to drink hot water with lemon at work when I was battling the queasiness of early (and mid) pregnancy. Since it comes with a travel lid, I could just bring it on the train in the morning and then keep refilling all day at the office.

One last belly shot!
One last belly shot!

I’ll be 40 weeks pregnant this weekend — due date is Monday, the 19th — so I took one last ( I hope?!) belly shot on the porch yesterday. It’s so weird to be stuck at home, unable to drive because you can’t fit behind the wheel anymore, unable to walk very far because the baby has dropped so low in your pelvis, just waiting for the onset of labor. As frustrating as it is to spend so much time sitting around, I must say that my foot and leg swelling has gone WAY down as a result! I’ve spent some time organizing things around my house, and some time doing some early online Christmas shopping. I didn’t buy this for anyone, but how cool would this Etsy iPad stand be for someone who loves to cook using their tablet?

Made in Maine and only $35!

I also read this interesting article about the best snacks to have before bed. Bottom line: avoid sweets and simple carbs in favor of whole grains; try lean proteins, such as low-fat cheese; and forget about hard-to-digest fatty & fried foods like potato chips and french fries. Heart-healthy fats are also good because they increase serotonin levels, so nuts and nut butters are great before bed. And certain herbs, like sage and basil, are actually very calming on the body — I never knew that! Sounds like my two favorite bedtime snacks — an apple with string cheese, and whole grain crackers with peanut butter — are good picks for promoting sleep. Another good option, according to this article, is to have a banana with yogurt, or cottage cheese with fruit and pita chips.

On that note, I’m off to get some dinner. I’ll keep y’all posted with any baby news!

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