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Blogging with Bebe

Well, I swore I wouldn’t let it happen, but new motherhood has officially encroached on my ability to update the blog. I held it together pretty well at first, but 8 weeks of limited sleep and a demanding newborn are conspiring to make regular posts impossible! While I try to get back on track, enjoy a few photos from our recent trip to bring Miss Georgia to visit her Florida family.

Flying with a newborn: not as bad as I’d feared.
Key to calming a baby in a hectic airport? Wearing them!
En route to the wedding that brought us to Sarasota in the first place.
How cute is my party bow??
A much-needed stroll on the soft sands of Siesta Key beach.
Kid has a good-looking Dad.
Vacations. Never as long as you need them to be.

Going to Sarasota sometime soon? In my next post, I’ll share my favorite picks for food and fun in the area. I love the Gulf coast of Florida!

3 thoughts on “Blogging with Bebe

  1. enjoy your time with the baby. the blogging will wait for you. And, sorry, but always have to laugh at people, pre-parenthood, who haven’t a clue what is about to happen, about the absolute chaos their lives will be for a while. Remember it so well and see it time and again.


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