Starting solids: A mixed bag

Just thought I’d share these funny photos of our first shot at starting solids (rice cereal) with Georgia this past week. If I figure out how to do this better, I’ll post about that. In the meantime, I’ll be washing a lot of bibs. Happy New Year!


38 Christmas Food Hacks

Merry almost-Christmas-Eve, everyone! This was on Buzzfeed last year, but I never got to share it. It’s genius. In particular, I love anything involving the slow cooker, so I am definitely going to try the coconut hot chocolate idea. Thought you’d all enjoy something light-hearted as the big day approaches, with all that entails 🙂 Enjoy… Continue reading 38 Christmas Food Hacks

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Eco-friendly baby gifts

Sending a care package a new mom’s way, or putting together a gift for a new arrival this holiday season? Here are my fave picks for the eco-conscious, non-toxic and environmentally friendly baby and mama. These are all companies and products we use and love for our family. But first, Georgia’s first visit to Santa!… Continue reading Eco-friendly baby gifts

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My Christmas Wish List…

…has a definite postpartum, new mama theme to it!  This year, I decided to finally make a Christmas list on Amazon, and in keeping with my new life philosophy, it’s what I would call carefully edited. Most of the items are designed to help me organize myself or get back into fighting shape after having… Continue reading My Christmas Wish List…


Back to work

Well. I went back to work this week. The parts I thought would be difficult were a piece of cake; conversely, I was blindsided by things I hadn’t anticipated. I thought I would cry when Mark dropped me off at the train. I was actually fine, and getting back to the office felt like I’d… Continue reading Back to work

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Our Maternity Photos

Back in July, I convinced Mark to have some maternity portraits taken. Though he was hesitant at first, I think he’s glad I convinced him to do it. Now we have a record of this very special time in our life, and even better, we can show it to Georgia some day when she’s older!… Continue reading Our Maternity Photos