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Georgia in Florida

Daddy is working two overlapping projects right now, so Georgia and I decided to get out of that snowy, icy old New England and head south to visit the family in Florida. It’s been at least 80 degrees in Sarasota all week, and we are doing some seriously good eating (both out and at home!) For instance:

This was “Fish Taco Friday” at The Lucky Dog Diner in Venice. AMAZING. I won’t mention the teeny bathroom situation which left me changing a diaper blowout on the hot asphalt (what can I say, Georgia got just as excited about fish tacos as mom). We also hit the 2014 “Parade of Homes” this weekend, and on our way back stopped for fish n’ chips with slaw, cheesy grits & lemonade at Snook Haven on the Myakka River.

This place calls itself a “back woods smokehouse” and it’s about as Old Florida as I’ve seen. There was a country music cover band, line dancing, picnic tables, counter service and absolutely no one telling you to leave if you finished your meal (or never ordered anything but beer in the first place!) Georgia sat outside on my lap, had a bottle in the shade and even danced with the band leader.  We stayed for almost two hours! Let’s just say she went to bed early that night 🙂

As you can see, she’s been enjoying herself, sitting out by the pool every day and sporting lots of cute summer outfits. She’s such a good traveler — great on the plane, sleeps through the night (and naps!) in a strange house, lets me schlep her all over the place shopping and eating out, and goes along for the ride with lots of smiles. Plus, she took her first swim and has already picked up on the fun of splashing her hands in the water. Daddy, I know, is jealous and missing his girls.

We aren’t looking forward to returning to the cold, but I am anxious to try out some healthy food after a week of restaurant food, gelato, wine with dinner every night and weekend-style breakfasts every day. I’ll get back to sharing recipes when we are back in Boston and cooking away again!

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