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What if your garden is so tight on space…

….that you can only fit a couple of plants? What would you pick? For me, that’s easy: tomato, basil, and peppers. If you can fit one more, make it a green; if you can fit two more, make one of them fruit, ideally strawberries. What does Houzz have to say about it?

How about you — is your must-have crop eggplant, or zucchini? onions? How about cilantro? Here’s what we’ve done in the past, with our limited space. This year, we are definitely scaling back, because we have less time to tend our garden. Once I have pictures, I’ll share them! This week is the first time it’s been above 50 degrees all winter, so we are way behind on planting as compared to other years.

If you liked the Houzz story above, then you should check them out! I’ve been a member (it’s free) since we bought our house two years ago and needed decorating/storage ideas. They have a weekly newsletter that’s always brimming with creative solutions to common household dilemmas, beautiful decor tips and plenty of pinnable inspiration. You can also get recommendations for contractors in your area. Here’s another great article from them that I just read to help me shape up my house for spring:

Poor Mark, I’ve been after him to wash the siding for weeks. (I’m willing to do the next few items on the list — bag up items to give away, and clean the windows — in exchange for a freshly-scrubbed exterior). Unfortunately, we also have to repair the cement on our front walk, replace our storm door, fix the front steps AND buy new porch furniture this year, so it’s not going to be a light upkeep year at the ol’ Linehan abode :/

4 thoughts on “What if your garden is so tight on space…

  1. To save time (although maybe not space) in your garden, plant perennials. Rhubarb, strawberries, and asparagus come to mind.


    1. It’s like you read our mind — we went out this weekend to look at plants and decided to start with strawberries, rhubarb and asparagus! I know rhubarb in particular requires a lot of space, but we are forgoing zucchini this year to make room. All we have to get now is the usual basil and tomatoes!


  2. And what about vertical gardening? You can do it by yourself and all you need are walls and a bit of creativity. It’s a great idea which helps you to save some space (well, I see, you can not plant raspberries or so this way, but you can save space for bigger plants in your garden by planting some small in vertical garden). Hopefully I inspired you a little, I was inspired a lot when I saw how easy is to have one, now I am about start with my first “basil wall” in the kitchen!


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