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Happy Easter Week!

I had Georgia in the cutest outfit for Palm Sunday — she was even waving a palm frond in church along to the music! — but, tragically, I didn’t get a picture of it. How could I be so lame?? I know. I’ll make sure to share a cute picture of her on Easter Sunday, for which I have the cutest outfit and bonnet planned. I think she’ll probably outgrow it the next week, because she’s packing on the pounds so fast these days.

Our friends Scott and Jena were passing through town the other weekend, and they snapped a couple cute portraits of Georgia. Scott is a very talented photographer based out of New York. He even caught the whole family together!

I think we are keeping it low-key this year with the holiday itself because of the baby. In past years, I’ve made simple food and dessert to celebrate Easter. Things like:

Strawberry Yogurt Cake
Strawberry Shortcake

On a totally random, other note, I heard about a cool website that just launched this week which I wanted to share with y’all. A co-worker told me about it. It’s called Urbanful, and they call themselves “part magazine, part marketplace.” They promote city living and all that makes the urban life so interesting, and you can find a lot of cool products on there — plus interesting stories about entrepreneurs and inventors, like these guys who created mushroom kits for the urban gardener:


‘Back to the Roots’ mushroom kit.

They say they don’t make commission on the sale of any goods on the site, so they’re just trying to connect people to relevant profile pieces and products. We’ll see how they evolve! Could be a cool resource for info about local food, urban food production and DIY stuff. I’m going to keep following them on Pinterest and Facebook. I hope you have a wonderful Passover and/or Easter, and let’s hope this spring weather is finally here to stay! XOXO

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