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Is ‘maple water’ the next trend?

You’ve heard of coconut water. But what about maple water? A few entrepreneurs in the Northeast are banking on it being the next big thing in beverages. 

Kate Weiler and Jeff Rose founded DRINKmaple in Concord, MA. They learned of maple water on a trip to Quebec for a triathlon. Courtesy Boston Globe.

Says the Boston Globe today:

The time is now for maple water. There is a tight spring window of two to three weeks to draw the water from maple trees. A few maple water products are on shelves now. More are expected in stores next month.

“Coconut water has already proven this is a valid concept,” said Michael Farrell, a maple specialist and the director of The Uihlein Forest at Cornell University. “Maple water is local, tastes better and has less sugar. It’s a no-brainer.”

But Farrell and others say companies drawing maple water from trees in the Northeast and Canada need to overcome a few mass market hurdles. The biggest problem? Most people have never heard of maple water.

In the spring, water flows through maple trees naturally and delivers nutrients from the ground up. Farmers tap the trees to draw maple water, which is also known as maple sap. The same liquid is commonly boiled down to create maple syrup.

In its raw form, maple water is roughly 98 percent water and 2 percent sugar, Farrell said.

To give her product, called “maple,” a shelf life, Weiler said the maple water is pasteurized in a way that retains its original minerals and nutrients. Then the maple water is bottled in sterile packaging to further extend its life.

Read more here. 

What do you think? Would you try it? Something tells me that my sweet tooth would be on board, even if the taste is subtle.


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5 thoughts on “Is ‘maple water’ the next trend?

  1. Sounds great, I hope they can get marketing help, to get this information out to more people.


  2. I’ve seen that, but haven’t tried it! I didn’t realize it was utilizing the maple “water” that came right from the tree. I’ll definitely have to give it a try.


  3. Thanks for the DRINKmaple love on your blog! We are very excited to launch in a week!


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