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Happy Memorial Day

Hey everyone! By some chance of fate, Mark and I both have this weekend off…as in, this entire weekend off at the same time, including all three days in a row. Needless to say, this happens rarely to never. So what did we do? We took long walks with the baby, we hung around the house, and I got a pedicure (at long last!!)

Finally found a place near my “new” house that I like. Only took two and a half years…

Georgia also decided she was going to practice crawling after all — up to now, she’d skipped that milestone in favor of scooting on her butt or going straight to standing and pulling up on things. We are still trying to get her to feed herself finger foods, to no avail. (She’ll eat them ’til the cows come home, so it’s not a texture thing. She just prefers to have us feed her. Lazy lady!)

It’s never too early for sun protection! This gal has gorgeous skin and I’m going to make sure she keeps it.

On Friday, I went with co-workers to a new Italian coffee shop that opened near my office. Holy moly! The vibe was cool and the drinks were amazing. It’s called Caffe Nero. If you work in the financial or theater district (or are planning a visit to Boston), check it out. Even has sidewalk seating which was what really clinched it for me. This winter, I suspect the seats  in front of the fireplace will be popular. And this summer, I’d bet a certain communications manager working at a downtown urban planning agency will feel compelled to try the coffee frappe which comes with an espresso shot. Just sayin’.

On Monday, we are meeting Mark’s 91-year-old grandfather for lunch near where he lives in New Bedford (the former whaling capital of the world). It’s still a major fishing port and every year they do a poignant dockside service remembering all those lost at sea for the past couple hundred years. Normally we attend and follow it up with a cookout, but this year we are keeping it more low-key. If I was going to cook out, though, I’d definitely make this easy side dish:

Belgian_Salad copy

I’m also dying to try the Pioneer Woman’s simple yet delicious-looking Watermelon Sangria. Watermelon is so hydrating, refreshing and good for you! And who doesn’t love a festive sangria. In fact, I’m trying to find a good “peachy” version for Georgia’s 1st birthday party (which, obvi, will have a Georgia Peach theme). If you know of a good recipe, send it my way!

And have a wonderful long weekend, everyone 🙂

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