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The vegetarian cookbook I can’t wait to buy

 I’m obsessed with Deborah Madison’s Vegetable Literacy. In it, vegetarian authority Deborah Madison is taking a new tack: admitting she now incorporates meat stock, bacon, eggs and more into her recipes, and suggesting that we do the same. This book is focused on knowing and appreciating vegetables — their origin, their botanical family, their natural… Continue reading The vegetarian cookbook I can’t wait to buy


Chicken & Rice

Chicken & Rice: Pretty classic. Made with white meat, it’s healthful and delicious — with the added bonus of being simple to prepare. Uncooked rice, spices and water go in the bottom of a casserole dish, and you nest the chicken on top for 45 minutes to an hour and it all comes out moist and tender.… Continue reading Chicken & Rice

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Baby’s First Father’s Day

For this afternoon, just some photos from our first Father’s Day with Georgia. And a shout-out to my husband on his birthday today! You are the best dad and husband we could ever ask for.

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Baby Shower Tea @ The Four Seasons Boston

My friend Chelsea had her baby shower last weekend at the Four Seasons. It was about 90 degrees out in Boston — kind of a harsh transition from all that cold and rain last week! — so I totally melted on the walk there, but once inside I had a Kir Royale in my hand within… Continue reading Baby Shower Tea @ The Four Seasons Boston

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Summer Food Fun

It finally feels like summer around here! Only took until June. Given the short warm season in New England, we are already making the most of it. Mark, in addition to his stage work, spends most of his daytime hours working as a costumed historic character offering guided tours of Boston’s Freedom Trail. I’d never taken one… Continue reading Summer Food Fun


Nutella Cookies

Nutella freaks, beware: this recipe has only three ingredients, takes almost no time to pull together, and results in a chewy, hazlenut-y, sweet-yet-salty cookie that will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to resist. I love the simplicity of this recipe, which has no added sugar or oil. Don’t let that fool you, though — there’s plenty of sugar… Continue reading Nutella Cookies


Meatball Pizza

I made this one up to use all of the leftovers from our Baked Ziti dinner the previous weekend. And it worked out perfectly: I had mozzarella, extra sauce and an odd handful of meatballs left over, just all hanging out homeless together in the fridge. I even had some fresh spinach because I convinced Mark to… Continue reading Meatball Pizza