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Summer Food Fun

It finally feels like summer around here! Only took until June. Given the short warm season in New England, we are already making the most of it. Mark, in addition to his stage work, spends most of his daytime hours working as a costumed historic character offering guided tours of Boston’s Freedom Trail. I’d never taken one of his tours, so a couple weeks ago we rounded up some friends and went! Georgia seemed confused at first and didn’t really recognize him, but as soon as he took off his hat, she was ecstatic and insisted on being picked up 🙂

Last week we also went to the Scooper Bowl, an ice cream fundraiser for The Jimmy Fund, which my dad has been taking my brother and I to for probably 20 years. At some point we pulled Mark into the tradition, and last year I ate half my weight in ice cream because I was 7 months pregnant. So naturally this year we had to take Georgia! She gave ice cream a try (chocolate) but was not a fan. I can’t say I was that upset; I don’t really like to give her anything with sugar. I’m sure she’ll take to it eventually, if she’s anything like me! But she enjoyed being out on City Hall Plaza and boogie-ing to the music in her stroller while people watching. That kid just loves being in the city. And she gives my dad a captive new audience for his West End stories (“they tore down our whole neighborhood”) which is an inevitable rite of passage for anyone who accompanies him into town.

It’s almost time for Mark’s first Father’s Day. What are we doing to celebrate? Well, his birthday is just a few days later, so I’m rolling everything into one super celebration, kind of like what he did with my birthday and Mother’s Day. His show opens the same weekend (today, actually!) so he won’t exactly be around much to celebrate, but we will do the best we can to make him feel special. I’m going to make him cupcakes (maybe these?) with vanilla frosting, his favorite. He is literally a plain vanilla kind of guy when it comes to cupcakes.

A rare Saturday morning off for daddy to snuggle his Georgia.

Speaking of dads…..did you know the number of stay-at-home dads nationwide has doubled over the last 25 years? I read that last week and was surprised! Mark isn’t home with Georgia full time, but as a dad who cares for her at least one full day every week, he definitely gets a lot of odd comments and looks when they’re out running errands together. He counts himself lucky to be able to have that one-on-one time with her. After all, they are best buds.


We are taking my dad up to Woodman’s, “the inventor of the fried clam,” in Essex this weekend. That’s another tradition that we haven’t deviated from in years for Father’s Day. We go to Bearskin Neck in nearby Rockport, and then we load up with  fried seafood. What can I say, my dad likes his predictable routines! Speaking personally, this is pretty much the one time every year I allow myself a big ol’ plate of fried food, so it’s a noteworthy occasion in my book, too. I’m not sure what we’ll be able to have Georgia try, but whatever it is, we’ll take pictures! And if you’re ever visiting New England, Woodman’s really is the only place to go for a good fried clam plate or a buttery hot boiled lobster.

Dad in Rockport. Happy Father's Day! Photo by Brenton Mantone.
Dad in Rockport sporting his trademark corny sense of humor. Happy Father’s Day, everyone! (Photo by my brother, the talented Brenton Mantone)

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