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Five Foodie Things

Happy Fourth of July week, everyone! Mark is going to be working on the Freedom Trail this holiday weekend, so we are staying close to home for BBQs and relaxation. Georgia’s day care is also closed this week for summer vacation, so we have some small excursions planned (if the Hurricane stays away, that is). I’m so glad the hot weather has come to Boston finally! (Mark, not so much).

What else am I excited about this summer? Well, for starters, Edible Boston’s Summer Edition is out:

The place where I work got featured in a nice piece in Edible Boston’s spring issue, which was hugely exciting for me! I always pick this up whenever I can find it around town, so to get a clip in there was tops.

2) Second, Special K and Morningstar Farms both just came out with tasty new breakfast sandwiches that are reasonably healthy, vegetarian, and easy on the budget, which I’m trying to watch better, especially with G in day care. I like the Special K one best, in particular their two vegetarian options (pepper jack egg & cheese with veggies, and deluxe egg & cheese). I buy them at Target; I’m sure they are widely available elsewhere, too.

3) Have you heard about this new Kickstarter campaign for Saladshots? These are basically like those portable squeeze pouches of baby food or applesauce, but for salad dressing. The flavors sound awesome: mint basil, citrus ginger, rose petal, and more. They are gluten-free, kosher, low sodium, and use only agave sweetener. If I can find these, I am going to try them!

4) Dunkin’ Donuts just came out with a frozen coolatta  version of the Arnold Palmer, one of my favorite summer drinks (see the other one here). I’m sure this is a sugar bomb, but I am dying to try it. I might spend too much time at Dunks. (At least one Dunks store in the Greater Boston area also started delivering, which is brilliant but pure trouble).

5) Speaking of beverages, can you guess what alcohol is making a comeback, according to BostInno? Personally I wasn’t aware this ever went away. It’s always been my trusted sidekick, especially for summer.

Finally, I’m on a campaign for Big Gay Ice Cream to come to Boston. They expanded to Philly. Talk about the least cool place on the planet! What do they even have there? The Phillies? Whatever. A river no one can even pronounce? Whatever! Come to wear it all started, the only cold-weather city where people eat ice cream outdoors all year ’round. I basically stalk Big Gay Ice Cream on Twitter whenever I accompany Mark to New York for auditions, and I’d love to be stalked in return. Gauntlet. THROWN. 

Enough with that other city. come to MINE.

Are you still looking for something to do on the Fourth?

Boston Vegetarian Society is hosting a holiday picnic at Winslow Farm, a loving sanctuary for abandoned and mistreated animals, from 12 to 4 p.m.  in Norton, MA (south of the city). Like No Udder will be providing vegan soft serve ice cream, and the cost of admission ($10 for adults, $5 for children 11 and under, free for kids younger than 2) will benefit the farm’s veterinary care and food costs. A worthy cause!

Karolina, an alpaca rescue living at Winslow Farm.

Have a great holiday everyone 🙂

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