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Did you know there’s a wrong way to organize your fridge?

Turns out, there is a right and a wrong way to store things in your refrigerator!  I always knew you shouldn’t store food on top of the fridge, but many other things in here were news to me. Olive oil in the fridge? Tomatoes on the counter? Read on and learn how to save money by preventing premature food spoilage while conserving the energy it takes your refrigerator to run every day.


A couple of these were new to me.

I always used to throw onions in the crisper, but now they are hanging out on the counter so they don’t spoil as fast.

Conversely, I never refrigerate nuts or nut butters, and I didn’t realize you should!

Thanks to this graphic, I’ve started storing my eggs on the bottom shelf instead of the top, and dairy products off the door (although that’s very challenging, because my top shelf can only fit milk cartons along one side. I have the smallest fridge in the universe! And we go through so much milk now that we have Georgia around).

Thanks to the article accompanying this graphic, I now know that the lower levels are the coldest levels, which is why raw meat and eggs belong here, while the top levels have the most consistent temperatures.

I also discovered that packing your freezer full saves energy, but packing your fridge too much actually inhibits cold air from circulating freely and can jack up your energy bills. Good to know!

You can read the full article that goes along with this graphic here. What about you? Did any of these surprise you?

Happy Friday from me and the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead 🙂


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