Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that if you live in the Northeast you aren’t traveling today. It’s going to be a nightmare from what the forecast says, so be safe if you must be on the roads or in the air! I don’t know if I’m ready for it to be snow season again, but I suspect that these two are……

Our holiday plans have definitely changed because of the storm. We are having two Thanksgiving dinners now — one on Thursday with my side, one on Saturday with Mark’s family — which is going to be “fun”?? Working all week and cooking for two meals and then fending for myself with a crazy toddler while Mark works the rest of the weekend sounds straight-up awful, to be honest, but it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving in our family without something crazy happening or some last-minute changing of plans. I suspect many families are the same, especially given how geographically spread out people are these days, and how severely this storm seems to be affecting travel plans. Half my in-laws won’t be able to get to Boston from New York today, hence the postponed celebration.

So, what am I making this year? Cranberry sauce and green beans for the first dinner on Thanksgiving Day, and beer bread and corn casserole for the second round of festivities. In past years, I’ve done this awesome Mashed Potato recipe that is super creamy and buttery, and which you make the day ahead! No more peeling, boiling and mixing on Thanksgiving morning. Other favorites include this brussels sprouts gratin, and butterscotch or honey-glazed carrots. I narrowly dodged being asked to make a pie from scratch (!) so now I have to just buckle down with some wine and music to whip these things up tonight!



Mostly, I’m excited for leftovers. My mom is in Florida for Thanksgiving this year, so I am sad to be missing out on her broccoli casserole (YUM) which is my favorite of all the leftovers. I always have a fair amount of cranberry jelly left over, and in recent years I’ve taken to making this yummy next-day smoothie with it. Of course, it’s also delicious on a nice turkey sandwich, or mixed with goat cheese a la this concoction for dipping with crackers.

Whatever you make and wherever you go, be safe, be blessed, and cherish your time with family and friends. XOXO, from our family to yours 🙂

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