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Alert! Huge Green Toys sale!

Heads up! Green Toys are 50% off today on Amazon!

Georgia just got a seaplane and a submarine for bath time, and for her upcoming trip to Nani’s house in Florida (where there’s a very fun pool). I almost bought her a dump truck and sand play set for the summer, too, but I tried to keep my holiday budget in mind. It’s really, really hard. I really love these toys because they are PVC-, Phthalate- and BPA-free, made in the USA, meet FDA food contact standards, and are composed 100% of recycled milk jugs, which saves energy and greenhouse gas emissions, both in their production and their shipping. Plus, their packaging is both recycled and recyl-able, free of plastic films and twist-ties, and printed with soy inks. Not to mention: they are just a huge hit with my kid, are sturdy, and beautiful to boot. (If you are so fortunate as to own a dishwasher, they can go in there, too).

Even better than reusing plastic, of course, is not buying it at all. when it comes to children’s toys, the next best option to recycled toys are wooden toys, in particular those made locally or at the very least not overseas. Steel and glass make the best substitutes when it comes to food storage, cooking and household solutions to avoiding plastic.

Did you know that a recent study showed that prenatal exposure to phthalates — found in soft plastics and scented products — led to measurably lower IQs in children by age 7? While legislation bans phthalates from toys for small children, nothing governs maternal exposure during pregnancy, which is the most critical time for brain development. And it’s easy to gain exposure through room sprays, personal care products, and microwaving food in plastic containers.

Read the full study and check out this interesting infographic for more information on avoiding plastic. I’ve never felt so fortunate that the smell of artificial fragrances and plastics made me barf throughout my entire pregnancy!

plastic infographic

What else do you do to reduce plastic dependency? Reusable shopping bags? Buying locally instead of ordering online? Glass food containers and baby bottles? Tell me in the comments!  

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