Baby & Toddler

It feels like spring!

There’s still a solid two and a half feet of snow on the ground, but that hasn’t stopped me from all but declaring it Summer Vacation this week, because it is nearly in the 40s outside and you can actually see some pavement for the first time since late January. Except, of course, for those a-holes who never shoveled their sidewalks at all and will now block the rest of us from walking to the train or taking our cooped-up babies out in strollers until June.

Georgia practically can’t wait to go for walks again. The last time we were able to go to the pond was the week after Christmas, when we all only needed fleece jackets and we kept remarking on what a nice winter it had been so far. I even said that I wondered whether the snowsuit or hat and gloves I bought Georgia would ever get used! Ha.




One sure sign of spring, albeit an early one, is the switch to Daylight Saving Time. You may remember in the fall I was worried about how it would affect Georgia’s sleep schedule. We managed to survive then with no hiccups thanks to a strategic effort to nudge her bedtime forward during the two weeks preceding the time change so that it was an hour later (8 p.m.) than normal on the night before “falling back” to the old time (7 p.m.) You can read more about ways to do that here. Or, you can opt to do nothing, which was my route of choice this week because the time change totally snuck up on me! And boy, did I pay for that decision dearly yesterday, when she did not nap at all for the first time in probably a year. This led to me frantically rocking, feeding, and patting her in futile attempts to induce sleep, until after an hour I just yelled “abort! abort! abort!” and took her for a long drive. During which she did not sleep, but every few minutes would let out a maniacal cackle or shriek. Scary times.

nah, she doesn't look tired at all.
nah, she doesn’t look tired at all.
here I am giving up
here I am giving up
snacks...snacks will fix it, right?
snacks…snacks will fix it, right?

So that’s what has been new with us. Mark has been busy shooting a couple of different commercials, and next week he starts up rehearsals for Shrek the Musical. He’s playing Lord Farquaad…..eheheheheheh. Mark has been watching clips of the show so many times this winter that now Georgia does all the arm motions along with the music. And if you’re interested in how a 6’4″ man becomes that short, here’s a video that shows the costume magic behind the Broadway production. Did you know? That character is almost always played by a super tall actor, who sings and dances on their knees, attached to a complicated back brace with springs. It’s crazy how they pull it off. He’s been working out really intensively all winter to prepare for the physical challenge, and I can’t wait to see it.

Another definite sign of spring? The Honest Company’s new diaper patterns finally came out this weekend! I set our bundle to ship ASAP. Love the bumble bee one especially.

diaper screen shot

Since I totally missed the boat on going to see a hockey game this year, I’ve turned my attention to the Red Sox season. Finally they sucked enough that the prices came back down to Earth. If it wasn’t already sold out, you could get bleacher seats to see them play the Yankees for $40!

Looks like someone needs a new onesie!
Looks like someone needs a new onesie!
I only root for the Sox in super-unflattering pictures of my parents.
I only root for the Sox in super-unflattering pictures of my parents.

I have seen some bad winters, but I’ve never been more ready for spring and summer than I am this year. How about you — what’s got you most excited for nicer weather? Playing in the park? Picnics? The Marathon? Grilling?Gardening? The beach? All of the above for me!

Have a great week 🙂 xoxoxo

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