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The weather in the Northeast right now is AMAZING! Obviously, I’m in a good mood. It makes me want to bust out my lighter recipes, dress in flats instead of snow boots, go for a walk and switch to iced coffee until fall. Georgia and Daddy are WAY into it. (Although, to be accurate, Mark never switches from iced to hot coffee, no matter how cold it gets in winter).




hey, they fixed a pothole!
hey, they fixed a pothole!

So what else has caught my eye, made me think, or put me in a good mood lately? Well, for starters…

StitchFix is now offering maternity & petites! If you haven’t tried their personal styling services yet, you are missing out. It’s fun to get a box of goodies in the mail, and I promise you’ll find something great that you wouldn’t have picked for yourself.

Also, how cool are these kids room ideas? I love the camping tent, and the bunk bed that has the lowest level on the floor, since our house has pitched roofs upstairs that would make a traditional bunk bed impossible. I also recently found out that Land of Nod offers free design services! Definitely something to keep in mind if we ever need to turn Georgia’s nursery into her big-kid room, or if we end up having more kids.

Speaking of more babies, Crickets Circle just started a cool registry service that auto-fills their favorite products and lets you take it from there. They only recommend three options in every category, so if you are someone who needs help sifting through the clutter of online registries, this free website is for you!

Speaking of foolproof, this Kickstarter campaign has a genius idea for getting kids excited about vegetables. Tater Tats are “temporary tattoos for farmers and foodies,” and at $5 for a four-pack, they sound like an adorable idea for getting the whole family excited about seasonal, healthy eating.

On the tech side of things, what do you think of the new MacBook? Mine is five years old, so I’m watching the new models with interest. But I wasn’t too impressed with the $1300 price tag for a machine that no longer has a magnetized charging cable, a much-loved feature of Apple laptops, and no USB port. That means no charging your phone, Kindle, FitBit, etc., and no transferring files with a jump drive. And then there’s the Apple Watch, which I was shocked to find Mark interested in. Knowing what they cost, I think I’d probably look down on someone I saw wearing one haha.

I also just read this really helpful (and scary) article about 10 dangerous mistakes even experienced parents make with car seats. Watching YouTube installation videos instead of reading the manufacturer’s instruction booklet, anyone? By the way, we just bought a backup car seat at Walmart to have the grandparents share on days when we need their help at pickup, and so far we really like it! It’s lightweight and easy to install and has high ratings from Consumer Reports & the Baby Bargains Book.

On a more random note, did you know you can turn your handwriting into a font for free?

Also random: this little device that promises to make your fruits and veggies last longer in the fridge by neutralizing Ethylene gas. I just might try it!

Speaking of trying new things, would you ever consider adding rabbit to your diet? I’ve had it plenty — when I studied in Italy, it’s common there — and I have to admit it can be delicious, but I’m not sure it would take off here. Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong!

Finally, I’m considering trying out a wholesale natural food grocery service such as Thrive. Have you ever done so? I love that they have a mom & kids section where you can find organic baby food and formula brands such as Plum and Earth’s Best, plus home and personal care products, and that you can shop by diet type (vegan, raw, gluten-free, etc.) to filter out unwanted ingredients. Their $60 annual membership sponsors one low-income family and their products sell for between 25% and 50% off retail prices.


Thrive is currently offering free shipping on all orders over $49, plus an extra 15% off your first order with code GPHAG0YD.

What I’d really love is for munchery to finally expand to Boston. You KNOW they would do a huge business here!!

Do you sense a theme here, of me struggling to cook my own meals?! It’s so sad, but it’s just a fact of life in parenthood. We probably eat takeout a solid three meals every week since having Georgia, and the rest of the time is a rotation of the same basic meals: kielbasa with baked beans and veggies (sometimes with a vegetarian option for me), some type of pasta dish with salad, a casserole-style meal like vegetarian shepherd’s pie, and then something easy using mainly Trader Joe’s ingredients. Sometimes we also do ” breakfast for dinner” one night. I’m lucky if I get to try new recipes once a week, and it’s only if Mark is around on the weekend to entertain G while I experiment at the stove! Sometimes she sits in the kitchen and watches me, or mimics what I do with her toys, or pretends to feed the cat or put away dishes.




Well I hope you’re all enjoying the nicer weather today, even if it’s just a brief walk on your lunch hour or before dinner. I’m going to Zumba tonight while Mark does his Cardio Tap class, and lucky little Georgia is spending the evening with her grandparents. Have a great night and rest of your week!


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  1. Every family with kids has a rotation of 5-7 easy meals that can be ready in 30 minutes and get repeated every week. Pasta is always a good choice. So is rice, because both can be dressed up in a 100 different ways. Likewise soups.

    Aunt Liz

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