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Happy Father’s Day!

What a weekend. I’ve been so derelict in posting lately because we had LOTS of stuff going on at home — in particular, we threw a big party this weekend to celebrate Mark’s 30th birthday, and then the next day of course it was Father’s Day! Mark (prepare your shocked face) had to work all day, so Georgia, my brother Brent and I met my dad for the “jazz brunch” at Johnny D’s, one of our old favorites from the years we lived in Somerville. To say Georgia enjoyed her cheesy grits, bacon, sliced bananas and fresh squeezed juice with a side of live music would be an understatement!

Every year we buy grampy new clothes, and this year was no different. As far daddy? We bought him a pair of nice work pants, which in his profession is this:

abc pant //
abc pant //

Designed to look like dress pants, they are in fact made of athletic material and are basically the most useful thing ever for someone who might need to read for a screen role in the morning, audition at a dance call in the afternoon, teach tap at night and follow an energetic toddler in between. There’s even a reflective strip on the inside seam so you can roll them up and ride your bike home safely.

mini helper!
mini helper!

I’m really dragging today after cleaning my whole house & yard to host 50 people (including 10 babies!) this weekend, shopping for gifts and entertaining G so Mark could relax on Father’s Day evening. Luckily, we have lots of leftovers from the party, which means cooking dinner is one thing I can check off my to-do list for a couple days. Luckily, I set aside a portion of my famous strawberry rhubarb crumble for MYSELF to eat tonight! And when I say famous, I mean it’s one of the only desserts I’m actually good at, so I bring it to everything. It’s worth the wait for the relatively short window that rhubarb is in season each year.





We also had pudding pie, chocolate chip cookies, stuffed strawberries, sliced watermelon and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Mark fired up our charcoal grill and we had marinated steak tips, natural-casing dogs and burgers from Dom’s Sausage in Malden where we live. Georgia loved visiting the Piantedosi Baking Company next door to buy wholesale buns and to watch the production belt whizzing by overhead! They always give kids a free fresh roll to chew on, and she finished the whole thing 🙂

We also managed to get our new sandbox set up in the backyard for the kids to enjoy, plus Georgia’s new water table, bubbles, jump-rope and sidewalk chalk. We have a long driveway that deposits guests into our very tiny, somewhat sloped & terraced backyard, so we have to make the most of what we’ve got when we entertain!


You know it was a good party when you were so busy having fun that the only photographic evidence left over is of half-deflated balloons and your child eating pizza and cookies simultaneously.

Instead of my usual all-romaine salad, I made one with kale, Swiss chard just a touch of romaine lettuce; the tougher greens can really stand up to strong or creamy dressings and well-seasoned croutons, so I think I’ll replicate that approach next time. It was pretty popular!

The biggest hit of the day, though, was hands-down the sweet cream-cheese stuffed strawberries my brother’s girlfriend Michelle made, so she’s agreed to share the recipe in another couple weeks when she makes it again! (You may remember her as having made these amazing Stuffed Mushrooms that you all demanded she guest blog about). Can’t wait to share the strawberries soon!

Hope all you dads, uncles, brothers, sons and grandfathers had a wonderful weekend and that you’ve got lots of plans to enjoy the summer months ahead. They’ll be gone before you know it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Rhubarb crumble is one of my favorites to take to church coffee hours. I’ve learned to make two batches and there still won’t be any leftovers! I’m looking forward to Michelle’s stuffed strawberry recipes.

    Aunt Liz


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