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Digest It: Foodie News You Can Use

It’s August! Time to take a break from cooking and catch up on food news. Plus, I’m planning Georgia’s second birthday party, and I need a breather from anything that could tax my mental power. I have two goals for this year: don’t stress as much as I did last year, and invite more people. The theme is circus! But more on that later…


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these foodie links 🙂

Ten surprising ways you are making your vegetables less nutritious

Do you like to can? Get up to speed on the etiquette.

Amy’s Organics has opened a drive-thru (!!!!) and I cannot wait until they franchise east.

8 money-saving tips for shopping at Trader Joe’s

Why do food prices vary so much between grocery stores?

Do’s and Don’ts for living a longer life (hint: most have to do with food!)

Garden over-bursting? Make zucchini butter

A list of foods that enhance each other nutritionally when eaten together

Too hot for coffee? Blend cold black tea into a fruit smoothie. (Brilliant)

OK, the next few are more baby-focused than food-specific. Hey, it’s World Breastfeeding Week! Go hug a mom who had to formula feed when nursing didn’t work out like she’d planned. (There’s even a new term for the anguish these moms go through: bressure.) First up: this new beverage called Bump Water that packs folic acid into a lightly sweetened drink, with flavors like cranberry ginger:

I just can’t believe it took this long to invent this. How genius for mamas with morning sickness who are struggling to keep down their prenatal vitamins!

And speaking of  morning all-day sickness, a group of grad students have invented a nutrition bar that actually kills nausea. Made without soy so pregnant mums can use it, the bar is also designed for boaters, travelers prone to motion sickness, hangovers, even side effects of cancer treatment.

Another thing I’m obsessed with — and wish I’d had while pumping — are these beautiful nursing-friendly, on-trend outfits by Cloak Collection. I don’t know how they came up with some of these designs, but honestly it’s worth visiting the site just to watch the mesmerizing mini videos revealing each garment’s hidden opening. And I’d wear these clothes even without a baby-related reason.


I’m telling you, getting dressed for work every day was at least 50% of the battle with pumping, which already sucks enough (ha, ha) to begin with. I’d buy this place out in a hot second.

In other news, my gal got her first haircut this week at the ripe old age of two!


She was NOT happy about it and only warmed up to the cool vintage car seat in the last two minutes.


Now she’s rocking her new pixie cut like she owns it, and it’s such a relief not to have to untangle her hair several times a day, or see it stick to her neck in hot weather.

We are getting very excited to have our family in Florida come up for their annual visit next week. Finally, mom gets to take some vacation time!! I can’t wait to see them and everyone else who’s coming to Georgia’s party. Pictures coming soon after 🙂 


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