One-pan Chicken & Roasted Vegetables 

Talk about easy! With a small kitchen, a picky toddler and scant dinner-prep time every day after work, I need all the quick & healthy recipes I can get my hands on. This one is so simple and so tasty, and it made just enough for our family of 3. You could EASILY stretch this into… Continue reading One-pan Chicken & Roasted Vegetables 


Pulled Chicken Chili

It’s the Playoffs! Time for Chili. I’ve got my vegetarian chili recipe, my slow cooker version, even my extra spicy (and vegan!) version. But something was missing. Something sweet, and not based on beef. (Or a beef substitute). So I whipped up this chicken-based chili last weekend, throwing in baked beans, kidney beans, mustard, garlic, and barbecue sauce…and it’s tangy,… Continue reading Pulled Chicken Chili

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Coconut Kale & Sweet Potato Casserole

Well, I guess the nasty weather has officially arrived. The Southern temps were fun while they lasted! (Although 70 degrees on Christmas just felt wrong). Now that we’ve had to turn the heat back on and bundle up for commuting again, it feels like it’s time to start making casseroles again. Especially all that holiday… Continue reading Coconut Kale & Sweet Potato Casserole


2015 in review

Wow, that was fast. Where did 2015 go?? Suddenly I have a two-year-old baby, an eight-year-old marriage, a seven-year-old cat…and a four-year-old blog! I’m no less amazed that people continue to read year after year than I am about not running out of recipe ideas (it could still happen!) I feel more and more grateful every year… Continue reading 2015 in review