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Updating a Classic: Orechiette with Kale & Paprika-Roasted Chickpeas

Back in the early days of my blog, I made this Spinach and Chickpea spaghetti dish that quickly became a favorite and a regular in our rotation. It’s healthy, hearty and easy. Well, I recently updated it a bit and loved the results, so I’m doing a quick post to share! The new version uses orechiette instead… Continue reading Updating a Classic: Orechiette with Kale & Paprika-Roasted Chickpeas

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My baby isn’t a baby anymore…

…She’s a gardener!! And a pretty tall one at that. Daddy and G spent their day off together yesterday planting “Georgia’s patch,” the raised-bed garden Mark has been cultivating along the sunny side of our house for the past five years. This year, for the first time, Georgia picked out all the plants, including strawberries, hula… Continue reading My baby isn’t a baby anymore…

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The New Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

If you don’t already shop with this list of the most important produce items to buy organic, now you no longer have an excuse! In honor of Earth Day, here’s a handy dandy printable from the Environmental Working Group, just released last week. You can click the link below the image to download your own PDF… Continue reading The New Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

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Monday Musings

OK fine, it’s Wednesday! But I wrote this on Monday, which is a holiday in Massachusetts. I think it has something to do with Redcoats running ~26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston in search of brunch on their day off. In all seriousness, Marathon Monday is second only to Christmas in my world when it comes… Continue reading Monday Musings

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Pizza Bolognese

Hi all! It’s almost Friday! Can I get an AMEN? I’m going to to get real with you briefly, because I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been blogging less frequently lately. If you’re my mom, this is the part where you’re hoping I ‘fess up to having morning all-day sickness again, but the sad truth is that I’ve been in the… Continue reading Pizza Bolognese


One-Pot Pasta

So, this is not a new trend. It’s not even new to ME. But finally, after seeing it explode on Pinterest over the last few years, I decided I had to at least try the concept of “one-pot pasta,” also known as “putting a bunch of things into one large stockpot with your dry spaghetti… Continue reading One-Pot Pasta