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Taming a Sweet Tooth

Work is crazy these days, and I’ve noticed a distinct uptick in the number of people dropping by my office to dip into the candy bowl I keep on my desk as a result! I have an assertive sweet tooth myself, and am always battling to keep my sugar intake in check, especially during times of stress. As a mom, it seems like I’m always reading articles about how much sugar sneaks into our food and feeling as though I always have to be on guard, reading labels, and watching my family’s intake of junk food. Added sugar shows up in salad dressings, ketchup, many breads, spaghetti sauce, granola bars, cereal, canned fruit, and of course in candy, cookies and juices. My personal downfall has always been candy and sweet drinks, in particular lemonade (ok fine, and white wine!) and I’m sorry to say I passed this right along to my kid! Nothing is too sweet for her, but we try to limit her to one small organic juice box per day, with water as her only other drink. To keep my own snacking in check, I try to make sure I stay hydrated with seltzer or filtered water with lemon or lime in it, and I surround our whole family with healthy, filling snacks, like pre-packaged, roasted nuts, hummus with veggies and pretzels, string cheese, green smoothies, overnight oats, Greek yogurt and fresh fruit.


When that snack-y sweet tooth strikes, I try to keep myself away from the candy dish by adding fruit, granola, or honey to Greek yogurt. Or, I pick up one of my new favorite indulgent snacks: Chobani flips, which pair low-fat Greek yogurt with a little sidecar of treats, such as coconut, granola, dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate, and you can flip the entire thing in or add just a little hint of decadence.

They recently shared this fun flow chart to help you find your own flavor soulmate. Mine came up Sweet n’ Sweet, no matter where I started at the top! (My favorite guilty pleasure, by the way, is hands down tacos. And I like to put fried fish, shredded purple cabbage and diced avocado in them, drizzled with lime juice!) Boy, have they got me pegged.

What’s your flavor match?


I personally can’t wait for the weekend to arrive. We are heading up to Rockport tomorrow after swim class, and then Sunday we are having a mommy-Georgia day in while daddy works. I hope you are all having a great Friday — here’s to powering through the afternoon slump together! 🙂

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