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What we’ve been up to

Lovelies, I’m sorry for being out of touch. Somehow I blinked and the summer is drawing down, a nip of fall air snakes through our window screens every night, my baby is about to turn three, and the last of our garden’s tomatoes are ripening on the vine (or getting swiped by some drought-plagued squirrels and chipmunks). It’s that time of year when heat waves alternate with bursts of thunder shower and you might consider dry-cleaning your most summery dresses just one last time before packing them away for fall’s plaids, jeans and galoshes. I changed out my bright pink polish for a wine-toned pedicure the other day, and I’m making plans to enjoy every last chance to eat a popsicle, make a day trip, dine on the porch, grill up dinner, visit the ocean, dip my toes in a kiddie pool, and slurp a cool beverage in the weeks to come.

While I love the idea of apple picking, over-sized sweaters and cider donuts, I thoroughly dread the actual onset of winter’s chill and the notion of being cold walking across the hardwood floors every morning, or needing to heat up the car, taking a scalding shower to wake up, and making the switch to hot coffee. (OK, fine, I never make the switch). No amount of fall shopping can cozy me up to the idea of needing a jacket every day or having to carry extra shoes and socks everywhere for the inevitable soaking that happens when you trudge through snow and slop. I might walk right out the door in flip-flops and order a salad and lemonade down the street right now, just because I still can!


Georgia and I are trying to make the most of it. Though our garden really suffered this year through the lack of rain here in Boston, we did manage to make a few tasty meals from the peas, basil, tomato and berries we grew, and we got out to enjoy the sunny days at every opportunity. Where last year I had a toddler afraid of swimming and unable to walk long enough for morning-long excursions to the farm, I now have a miniature big kid who delights in swimming and building sand castles and who has to be dragged away from the fun of blueberry picking, ice cream eating and animal patting. She’s articulate enough to express disappointment when mom or dad has to go to work for the day, but she’s also cheerful and easy-going enough to enjoy our ad-hoc adventures and outings as a twosome. It’s amazing to see someone discover fireworks, bouncy houses, sprinklers, hiking, Italian ice, outdoor concerts, double rainbows and boat rides for the first time. The world is actually remarkable if you choose to see everything with wonder and focus.


 Cheers to August and staying laid back before school, life and heating bills resume. 🙂

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