WELCOME! I started this blog to share my love of food, writing, and cooking, and to connect with other bloggers who are doing the same in their corner of the world. On OrganicGlory, I chronicle my quest to live a sustainable & spiritual life filled with good food, family and friends. I post original recipes, share cooking tips, write about food news, and review restaurants & cookbooks. And, of course, weave in bits and pieces of my life as a mom and wife 🙂

My daughter Georgia is the reason I do everything. She makes me wake up wanting to be a better version of myself every day, and I try to bring that best self here.

In my professional life, I work as a communications & web professional at a public agency in Boston, advancing issues of equity, sustainability and smart growth. I believe food is a central factor in these issues, particularly the importance of supporting local growers, ensuring access to fresh food for all, and practicing sustainable ways of preparing, preserving and sharing our food assets. In my personal life, I simply love to cook and see it as one of the most important ways to bring family together, to express creativity, to nurture, to gather with friends, and to explore my community and learn about other traditions.

On a broader scale, I do my best to practice environmentally conscious, low-impact living, as well as responsible stewardship of the planet and creation. I am always striving to support local businesses first and in particular regional farms. I am a most-of-the-time vegetarian who also tests out meat-based recipes for my omnivorous family, and I periodically eat responsibly farmed fish and poultry. I’m also a very active person who truly believes fitness and healthful plant-based eating are totally compatible!



My favorite style of cooking is Italian. Specifically, Northern/Tuscano cuisine.

I have always had teeny, apartment-sized kitchens, even after moving into our house outside the city a few years ago, and I’ve never owned a dishwasher. I believe your cooking ability depends only on your own persistence and creativity, and that no special tools are required to get good or enjoy it! I only have two rules: clean up as you go, and no cats on the counter. As you can see, I’m pretty bad at enforcing that one.

My Sous Chef/tumblr whiz Natasha

I have been married since 2007 to my best friend and high school sweetheart Mark. We had an amazing New England fall wedding, followed by an amazing honeymoon in Antigua. This was the last adult vacation we’ve ever taken, and we are saving up for a big trip in time for our ten year anniversary. Wish us luck!

In 2009, I fulfilled a long-standing dream of riding in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge. The PMC is a distance cycling fundraiser that benefits the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, with 100% of every rider-raised dollar going toward cancer research and treatment. The PMC raises more money than any other athletic event in the world. Fundraising was way, way, WAY harder than training for the ride.

My husband, Mark, is a professional musical actor, vocalist and dancer. You can see him sing, dance and act on stages all across Boston and New England, and if you look closely you can spot him in a few locally-produced Hollywood movies, too.

I love to read, and you can find my profile on Goodreads. I’m also an avid knitter — love homemade gifts! — and I have a profile on Ravelry. I also am an active reviewer on Yelp, which has gotten me through many a weekend trip unscathed.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there,

    My girlfriend and I are thinking about creating a blog to chronical our organic, living food, health, fitness and travel adventures. I really enjoyed reading yours and I’m sure I’ll be making some of the delicious sounding dishes you have posted.

    All the best,



  2. Hi Amanda, I love your blog! I’ll be staying overnight in Cambridge in a couple of weeks and am wondering what your top restaurant recommendations would be for breakfast and lunch (I’m already going to take your advice on Muqueca for dinner!) I’m a pescetarian and my fiance eats everything. Thanks so much for your help!


    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Linda! I used to love living in Cambridge precisely because there are so many excellent restaurants to choose from. I would say to try and get in for breakfast at the Friendly Toast if you can, and for lunch check out Clover Food Lab (a food truck), or All Star Sandwich Bar. Another good one for brunch or lunch is Area Four. Good luck and have fun!


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