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Boo! A Halloween Recap

Hope everyone had an awesome trick-or-treat! We had family over, walked around our neighborhood, and tried our hardest to tucker Georgia out before Daylight Saving Time hit us Sunday morning. Georgia dressed as her all-time favorite, Minnie Mouse, and the lucky girl got to wear her costume THREE times this week: once at my office Halloween party on Monday, another time at the daycare Halloween parade Thursday, and again Saturday night for the real Halloween. She was one happy lady! Just see how happy in this video.

Last year (see below!) she liked walking around and meeting people, but this year she was really into the whole routine. She made it through the entire neighborhood, instead of just half a dozen homes on one side of our little street, and she said “trick or treat!” “thank you!” and “happy Halloween!” to everybody we met.


Last year. My Baby!!

The best part is that, while she likes picking out colorful wrappers, she couldn’t care less about actually EATING the candy, so more for me!  Good thing I have a candy dish in my office for sharing the wealth.

The transition to Daylight Saving Time went fine for us. We had moved Georgia’s bedtime later bit by bit all week leading up to it, so Sunday morning she woke up at 6:10, which wasn’t too bad, and she took her normal nap from 1 to 3 p.m. My goal was just to have her wake up later than 5 and to take her usual nap, and in that, we succeeded. Spring forward is always much worse for us when it comes to sleep disruptions for Georgia anyway. Everyone felt a little out of whack Sunday with the time change, so we just made it a lounge day. Now it’s back to work.

Remember how I was lamenting my lack of Slow Cooker recipes last week? Well, you guys delivered when it comes to ideas! So many people reached out and offered their family favorites, and I’ll be posting the results as I try them out. Hopefully we have some winners. Meanwhile, I wanted to share these two great ideas from A Year of Slow Cooking: A1 and Dijon Steak, which I just know Mark would love, and Brown Sugar Chicken, which sounds satisfying for my and Georgia’s sweet tooth. That blog even has a slow cooker apple crisp, but I’m not sure how you’d achieve a crunchy top that way, so I haven’t tried it out.

I hope to have even more slow cooker ideas to share in the coming weeks! Plus, an early holiday shopping guide. You know me, I like to be done with Christmas by Thanksgiving, and then I finish designing our holiday card that weekend so I can mail it in early December. Can’t believe that time of year is already approaching! Here’s last year’s card, and the post about our photo shoot.


Photography by JPG // design by Minted

In closing, I just wanted to also thank everyone who sent well wishes (and mushy recipes) when I had my wisdom teeth out last week. It went fine, and I’m feeling back to my old self now. My friend Jean even sent me homemade soup (and she has a one-year-old!) that tasted simply divine.


She gave me the recipe from Epicurious, and you better believe I’m going to make it! If I do, I’ll share here. I think Georgia would like it, too.

Have a great week everyone and I’ll be back soon! xoxo

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Our Holiday Photos

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I meant to post this last week, but there were so many gift ideas and flash sales to write about, I ran out of space and time.

Have you seen those hilarious articles on family photo shoot fails? It made me laugh, because that’s one of my favorite things to see on Facebook at this time of year, and I can totally relate. Kids are ridiculously hard to photograph — even relatively calm ones, like Georgia — and we had no shortage of outtakes from our picture session for this year’s Christmas Card. Such as:

_1DX1367 _1DX1334

But in the end, the vast majority came out amazing, and we had loads to choose from for our holiday card. We couldn’t be happier!


CARD DESIGN minted // PHOTOS jpg photography

JPG is an award-winning studio based out of Philadelphia, founded by one of my best friends from college. They did our wedding, too, seven years ago. We re-created some of the falling leaves theme pictures from the day we got married, this time with the best product our marriage: Georgia!

sandy burr country club // 2007







fellsmere pond // 2014

Who did you use for your holiday cards this year? We used minted and loved them because, as time-crunched parents, the option to have our envelopes addressed festively and for free sealed the deal. I also love supporting independent artists, which is who you’re buying from when you use minted. I even got a thank-you card from our card’s designer!

We also made photo gifts for the grandparents using Shutterfly & TinyPrints this year and last. We made these desktop plaques, which are great because they are shatter- and spill-proof and look really professional; we’ve also made countless photo books, magnets and ornaments, and the quality is always great. You can go to town custom designing (like I do), or use one of their out-of-the-box templates so all you do is drag and drop your photos. Easy as pie! (By the way, whoever made up that saying? Pie is a ton of work).


Merry Christmas Eve everyone, and have a safe, blessed, and joyous holiday, from our family to yours!