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What does the name of your blog mean?

I chose Organic Glory for a few reasons. I take very seriously the commitment to choosing organic products for my family’s health, and I wanted to reflect that commitment in the blog’s name. I started blogging as a way to share recipes and ideas on natural living, but also to show that thinking about food sustainably doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive or complicated; and when I think about giving something glory, it means to beautify and enjoy that object in its most natural, fulfilling form. To be glorified is to be made whole, to be honored. If you cook with that philosophy in mind, you learn to bring out the natural best in food by celebrating its ability to nourish you — without chemicals, factory farms, drive-through restaurants or deep fryers. I’ve tried to extend that philosophy to our work and home life as I’ve grown in my career and into motherhood.

Where do your recipes/inspiration come from?

Unless otherwise noted, the recipes are my own — created through trial and error, family tradition or by blending well-known methods and techniques. Of course, whenever I borrow from someone else’s idea, I give full credit. Visit my blogroll page for some of the places where I draw inspiration.

Why did you become a vegetarian?

I became a vegetarian when I was 27 after struggling for several years with an IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). Because of this digestive syndrome, I was forced to gradually cut out all red meat and then processed products such as cold cuts, sausages and hot dogs; eventually poultry (although not eggs) and animal products such as lard, chicken stock and gelatin had to go, too. I saw an immediate decrease in my intestinal distress, which allowed me to eat out and go on vacation worry-free again. However, the longer I’ve avoided these meat products, the more I’ve developed issues with dairy, even as my ability to eat shellfish has improved; therefore, my diet is always a reflection of my health needs under the supervision of my gastroenterologist, and I am continuously making adjustments.

Why do you sometimes feature non-vegetarian recipes?

Because my household is not exclusively vegetarian, I also prepare recipes that include meat, or sometimes the option to add meat for my omnivorous readers. I do believe that there are ways to eat meat ethically and responsibly, and my husband and I take great pains to do so. While buying locally raised meat may be more expensive, we believe our health is worth the expense, and that the prices you see in the supermarket often come at a hefty cost to our environment and economy. Meat is cheaper in the United States than almost anywhere else in the world because there are dangerous practices endemic to our farming industry, so we avoid participating in a system that pumps hormones and antibiotics into livestock. (I can’t, however, speak for Natasha — she eats beef two meals per day, and her lustrous coat is testament to how that’s working out for her.)

How do you take your photos, and may I use them?

I primarily use my iPhone to take photos. I use Photoshop, Instagram, and several collage-generating programs to refine the appearance of my photos for this blog and for my Pinterest page.

And you may always share or re-blog my recipes and photos, but I do ask that you credit OrganicGlory and link back to the original post when doing so.

What if I am interested in sponsoring a post or advertising on your site?

Please visit this page for my media kit.

Interested in finding out more about me?

Visit my “about” page.

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