Lemony Pasta with Sweet Sausage

Inspired by how easy it was to make pesto using an avocado, I decided to hunt around for more ways to create creamy, guilt-free pasta sauces. This one really ramps up the taste of fresh lemons and can easily be customized for a household with vegetarians and meat eaters, like mine. I just sauteed some… Continue reading Lemony Pasta with Sweet Sausage


Five Foodie Things I’m Loving Right Now

1.  This refreshing Basil Lemonade I concocted (recipe at bottom) … 2.  … And the creative mason jar lid I just bought on Etsy with which to enjoy it! 3.  This genius trick for making homemade mayonnaise hang together, courtesy of the New York Times: 4.  Two new meatless options at Trader Joe’s — tofu… Continue reading Five Foodie Things I’m Loving Right Now

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Cashew Cream

What is Cashew Cream? It’s a nut-based substitute for dairy cream, which is great for vegans, those who are lactose-intolerant, or anyone who just wants to cut out the saturated fat and calories of heavy cream. It’s a staple in the raw food world, where it originated. Where can you use it? Desserts, sauces, soups,… Continue reading Cashew Cream

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Tropical Smoothie

This is so SIMPLE, and so refreshing, I’m going to be making it a lot.  All you need is a can of light coconut milk, a bag of frozen pineapple chunks and a splash of orange juice, and you’re in summertime heaven any time of year! I made this on Smoothie Saturday, and boy was it a lifesaver… Continue reading Tropical Smoothie

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Two Green Smoothies

I have a new routine: “Smoothie Saturdays,” when I bust out the blender after I get home from grocery shopping to whip up some breakfast smoothies for the week. This week, I made three varieties: a tropical smoothie, which I’ll cover in another post; a spinach-banana smoothie, which is simple and refreshing; and an adaptation of Kimberly… Continue reading Two Green Smoothies


Artichoke Penne Pasta

What do you make when you’re just back from vacation, lazy, and totally not wanting to go to work? This. You don’t want to eat from a can every night, but when you’ve got a suitcase full of dirty clothes and a backlog of 200 work emails in your inbox….it’ll do. Set the pasta (penne… Continue reading Artichoke Penne Pasta