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Orange Creamsicle Cake

OK, I made up that name. I have been craving an Orange Julius SO BAD LATELY (and no, I’m not pregnant, just eating like it…and possibly stuck in the 90s) so when I decided to make a simple cake for Easter at the last minute, it had to meet two criteria: involve fewer than five… Continue reading Orange Creamsicle Cake


Is ‘maple water’ the next trend?

You’ve heard of coconut water. But what about maple water? A few entrepreneurs in the Northeast are banking on it being the next big thing in beverages.  Says the Boston Globe today: The time is now for maple water. There is a tight spring window of two to three weeks to draw the water from… Continue reading Is ‘maple water’ the next trend?

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Happy Easter Week!

I had Georgia in the cutest outfit for Palm Sunday — she was even waving a palm frond in church along to the music! — but, tragically, I didn’t get a picture of it. How could I be so lame?? I know. I’ll make sure to share a cute picture of her on Easter Sunday,… Continue reading Happy Easter Week!

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What if your garden is so tight on space…

….that you can only fit a couple of plants? What would you pick? For me, that’s easy: tomato, basil, and peppers. If you can fit one more, make it a green; if you can fit two more, make one of them fruit, ideally strawberries. What does Houzz have to say about it? How about you… Continue reading What if your garden is so tight on space…


Breakfast Egg Muffins

These are my new “thing.” I make them on Sundays and have a whole batch for the week. Two muffins + Dunks coffee + my desk = Amanda’s weekday morning breakfast.  I have a resolution to eat more breakfast and lunch (and, heck, dinner) that I’ve made at home, because we are “modeling” good food… Continue reading Breakfast Egg Muffins

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Breaking out of a rut

We have been in a definite food rut this winter. Well, if I’m being honest…since the baby was born. Why? Well, when you’re 10 months pregnant, the last thing you want to do is think about shopping and cooking. Because you’re tired, everything gives you heartburn, and by the time it’s ready to eat, you… Continue reading Breaking out of a rut